New materials

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Yay! I did some shopping today, aaaaand guess what did I buy? Yes, beads! Wonderful briolettes in fantastic blues and greens, among with some white, black and unbelievably dark purple colour... I have already made an earrings+ necklace set from the big black beads- I'll call them "Bombastikk"... I'll probably list them tomorrow. (first, I always ask my boyfriend about my new items- he's so honest with me and he also have a good taste:)


Silver wire-addiction

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Good morning to all of you! Let me share my new addiction with you- it's called wire-wrapping! I'm sure you all know this wonderful way of expressing yourself. But this thing is new to me- I ordered my very first sterling wire two weeks ago which reached me four days ago- and I immediately sat down to use it all... Here's the result- tell me how you like it! I'll soon list some of these items in the shop :)


Crystal Energy

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What shall I say? I love the colour blue. And I also love crsytals, and silver as well. Soo, today's item is a wonderful, birght, dark-blue pendant which conists of a blue briolette, wrapped in sterling silver wire... I just love it..and don't want to give it away... I'll probably give it away as the prize of a little game for the readers of the blog... or users of Facebook can find Holyberry on Facebook too. Its so fresh- it needs more fans! Be prepared! :)

One more thing for those who like Japanese animes: the song "Crystal Energy" is Mai Otome-s opening... And the song which inspired me to make this pendant! Hope you'll like it!



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I received the DIY-kit: and I have to say that I am sooo happy about it! It is sooo lovely! I immediately made an experimental pendant for my little sister, then got dow to business: I completed my Geisha-set! I am fully satisfied with the result and I hope someone will find her dream- pendant and ring in them! :) I am so happy that I decided to give a free shipping to the items- for the first time in my life :D
I still have 8 glass tiles and bubbles left, so I will continue making glass jewelry... Any requests? :)


Looking for...

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Something for my boyfriend's brother's soon-to-be-born son! Here are the contestants...


New blogger template

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I couldn't resist.. how do you like it? ^.^



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Yay! I was exparimenting with wire (before my ordered silver wire reaches me:P) and this is the result: necklace+earrings set. I just love spirals!!
However, I'm not satisfied with the necklace's wire- I will get the beads down from it and find a nice chain for them :)
I am intersted in Your idea- do you like it, do you not, what should I change? Thank you very much! :)


Summer Treasures

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Since it's extremely hard for me to get making a Treasury on Etsy, I decided to make my own from time to time here on my blog :) So, here goes my first Treasury, with 10 selected items for this Summer!! (I hope you'll like them!) :) If you do, please don't forget to visit the shops and heart them! (and, of course, shop :)



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And so the time arrived when I have to face my almost-the-last exams on the university. I am going to have 3 exams: two complex, comprehensive exams and one which is obligatory for everyone here. The comprehensive psychology-pedagogy exam is not the one which makes me worry- it it the English literature one. From the beginning to the end of the 19th century- that's pretty much!! I have 3 weeks for that exam-wish me good luck!!
Meanwhile, I've put my crafting-job aside in order to be able to concentrate on my exams. I already miss it!!


Etsy Chat- 5 Min FS

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I think everyone knows the so-called 5 Minute FS game on Etsy chat. The game is the following: one person has 5 minutes to promote her shop- and so does everybody else in the room. You are only allowed to post this persons items. If she has a buy, the first who bought an item from her shop is the next Featured Seller. If noone buys anything, then it's time for a trivia! Or, the peron simply picks someone. The game is great for sellers and buyers too, as many sellers give great discounts during their FS time. It's also a good way to make friends and to learn from other sellers how do they promote their stuff.
Iy ou have time, try it :)



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I had no troubles using PayPal until yesterday. To be honest, PayPal, though might be extremely popular in the US and in other Western countries, is not so widespread here in the heart of Europe. Most people doesn't even know that it exists and if they do, they don't use it. Here, online webshops are quite fresh- everyone is learning how to use them and wheteher to trust them or not- this is the truth. We, Hungarians are especially, well, let's say careful with our money...especially online!
But when I opened my Etsy shop, I knew I had to learn using PayPal. As I love the internet, that wasn't a big deal to me. I quickly learned all the things I had to learn to be able to open my little shop.
However, yesterday a strange sthing occured. I refunded some money to a very nice customer- and the money just haven't arrived. Or, at least, my dear customer doesn't see it. But I see that the transaction is completed... What to do now? Another problem is that I simply sent money, without clicking on the "refund" button. Shall we wait for a couple of days? Or shall I send the money again, by hitting the refund button? I'm so desperate...!


Yesterday's big sales

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Yesterday I've been to a fair- actually, it was an animecon, located in the middle of one of the buggest parks of Budapest. So, one of my friends gave the idea to take our chance and go and try to sell some items. I prepared well for the day- I ordered plenty of business cards, I reorganized the items an so on- and we had a huge success. From now on, I'm going to promote myself on such occasions- its such a big fun! I hope to get photos of the event soon so that I can upload them here- there were many great costumes on the con. We had a great time :)

<-- Me with a boy cosplaying Ace Ventura :D



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I've decided to write a blog in English, since I'm always happy to write something, and I also need a little bit of practice in English :) And, besides, I've recently opened my Etsy shop- so this blog is basically going to be about my craft-life: when and what do I do, the reasons and the secrets behind my creative items. Since this is the first post, I stop it now, but soon I'm going to refresh the blog :) Until then, please visit my etsy shop: