New materials

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Yay! I did some shopping today, aaaaand guess what did I buy? Yes, beads! Wonderful briolettes in fantastic blues and greens, among with some white, black and unbelievably dark purple colour... I have already made an earrings+ necklace set from the big black beads- I'll call them "Bombastikk"... I'll probably list them tomorrow. (first, I always ask my boyfriend about my new items- he's so honest with me and he also have a good taste:)


Silver wire-addiction

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Good morning to all of you! Let me share my new addiction with you- it's called wire-wrapping! I'm sure you all know this wonderful way of expressing yourself. But this thing is new to me- I ordered my very first sterling wire two weeks ago which reached me four days ago- and I immediately sat down to use it all... Here's the result- tell me how you like it! I'll soon list some of these items in the shop :)


Crystal Energy

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What shall I say? I love the colour blue. And I also love crsytals, and silver as well. Soo, today's item is a wonderful, birght, dark-blue pendant which conists of a blue briolette, wrapped in sterling silver wire... I just love it..and don't want to give it away... I'll probably give it away as the prize of a little game for the readers of the blog... or users of Facebook can find Holyberry on Facebook too. Its so fresh- it needs more fans! Be prepared! :)

One more thing for those who like Japanese animes: the song "Crystal Energy" is Mai Otome-s opening... And the song which inspired me to make this pendant! Hope you'll like it!



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I received the DIY-kit: and I have to say that I am sooo happy about it! It is sooo lovely! I immediately made an experimental pendant for my little sister, then got dow to business: I completed my Geisha-set! I am fully satisfied with the result and I hope someone will find her dream- pendant and ring in them! :) I am so happy that I decided to give a free shipping to the items- for the first time in my life :D
I still have 8 glass tiles and bubbles left, so I will continue making glass jewelry... Any requests? :)